Jim Bridges, Jr.

In Memory 1969-2002

In Loving Memory of Jim Bridges, Jr. 1969-2002


In memory of Jim Bridges, Jr. killed by a drunk driver while working in a cone zone construction site in May 2002. Jim was my brother and friend. He died at age 32 and his death ripped out the hearts of his family and friends. We as a family and all of his many friends will never be the same because of he died so tragically and senselessly. In his memory, we have created a webpage with a guestbook for signing, along with news articles and photos. Please don't drink and drive and don't let your friends drink and drive. Calling a cab, a sober friend, or a having a designated driver can save lives.


We drive you home in your own vehicle, one volunteer will drive your vehicle while the other volunteer follows behind in the "chase" vehicle. * We are not a taxi service YOU MUST HAVE A VEHICLE! * We do not make multiple stops to accommodate passengers, we take the car to it's destination only. Some exceptions will be made in certain circumstances. * We operate 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. Friday, Saturday and selected holiday nights, this means if you call after 2 a.m. you will not get a ride. * We do not take reservations, since our program is intended to be a safety net. Always try to plan ahead! * We operate in Sacramento and adjacent areas only; this means if you call and you are not in these areas you will NOT get a ride. * Service is free up to 15 miles, tips are appreciated and go to help the volunteers helping you. After 15 miles there is a requested donation of $20 and over 25 miles it is $40. 916-335-5555